2012_52 Fire in its place... 2012_51 The teachers... 2012_50 The things themselves... 2012_49 Common things seen... 2012_48 Here's the best... 2012_47 How I yearn... 2012_46 Our footprints... 2012_45 Fallen leaves photographed... 2012_44 There is the truth... 2012_43 Horror films... 2012_42 Can we believe... 2012_41 2012_40 The check tears... 2012_39 Jesus' disciples argued... 2012_38 Halfway down the stairs... 2012_37 Some days I awake... 2012_36 Those who love 2012_35 rescued pelican 2012_34 Our arms reach 2012_33 Jesus didn't write... 2012_32 Let us show... 2012_31 How pleasant... 2012_30 Take away... 2012_29 Truth needs no... 2012_08 You, dear Lord, see us all... 2012_27 Like Hokusai's wave 2012_26 We seek sunshine... 2012_25 Everyone suffers... 2012_24 Shout your name... 2012_23 Our thoughts touch... 2012_22 If the light breeze... 2012_21 It is not enough... 2012_20 A revered name... 2012_19 Who loves us? 2012_18 We'll do our best... 2012_17 Hurry, good Lord... 2012_16 What blessing... 2012_15 We can do better... 2012_14 How soon will we be antique? 2012_13 Take a moment... 2012_12 Are numbers real? 2012_11 Our thoughts cascade... 2012_10 Let your spirit... 2012_09 Let your spirit... 2012_08 Our lives are not shopping carts... 2012_07 If we dare God... 2012_06 Don't give us... 2012_05 We jump into the ring... 2012_04 Above the frothing frenzy... 2012_03 God is not ours... 2012_02 Safety, prerdictability... 2012_01 There's not a second... 2011_51 Our one resolution... 2011_50 Our bodies not yet rigid... 2011_49 Ever since Cain... 2011_48 They know or think they know... 2011_47 Doing without is honorable... 2011_46 Hard times builds ... 2011_45 Jesus went where he ... 2011_44 Inquiring minds... 2011_43 Late Sunday afternoon... 2011_42 Here comes thunder... 2011_41 Each of our children... 2011_40 Peace surrounds the dead 2011_39 When will it ever rain?... 2011_38 No one is fooled... 2011_37 2011_36 Loving shepherd, truth embodied... 2011_35 The storm humbles us... 2011_34 With the windshield... 2011_33 We will succeed... 2011_32 Seeing what is... 2011_31 Our lives overflow with... 2011_30 The liar is himself deceived... 2011_29 So many things suffer 2011_28 If the tree is cut down... 2011_27 Our talented hearts have found their homes... 2011_26 Truth wants to find us. 2011_25 In the shelter of the hedge... 2011_24 My smart friends say things... 2011_23 Sometimes everything goes right. 2011_22 If today is average 2011_21 The world is ending... 2011_20 The proud, the young, and... 2011_19 Are there weeds in God's garden? 2011_18 Our smart bombs are precisely guided... 2011_17 Sustain the vision... 2011_16 I heard something like... 2011_15 Let us win respect honestly. 2011_14 Even those who make the team... 2011_13 There is no end... 2011_12 What captures our hearts? 2011_11 Billions of galaxies... 2011_10 What do we know of doing without? 2011_09 It's harder to write than to read... 2011_08 Whatever we are called... 2011_07 Even though we may use the wrong words 2011_06 What we deserve... 2011_05 You beyond love's reach... 2011_04 At some point it's not worth it... 2011_03 2011_02 If we cannot see a way out 2011_01 We admire the wild things 2010_50 We don't need Heraclitus to tell us 2010_49 Like children who pop out of bed 2010_48 Christmas tree prayer 2010_47 Is it possible to do all this? 2010_46 If I mourn what I no longer have 2010_45 If I jump into the fire 2010_44 The heavens declare thy glory 2010_43 What doesn't go in our tummies... 2010_42 Treat well the alien in your midst. 2010_41 Not everyone is easily confused. 2010_40 Is there anything safe to eat, drink, or breathe? 2010_39 Lord you taught us to pray 2010_38 Do you have a favorite grain of sand? 2010_37 We imagine the worst, our troubled brains seething. 2010_36 Your illumination is a gift. 2010_35 For those who never get started 2010_34 What can we expect of machines and institutions? 2010_33 The rocks are sufficient in their praise. 2010_32 I heard the crash, and then the screams. 2010_31 What was, is, and will be. 2010_30 Those who lovingly work are blessed. 2010_29 Were Andrew, Peter, James, and John really qualified? 2010_28 Wonder is not ignorance but like it. 2010_27 To love You is to forgive all. 2010_26 Hooray for all that's right and good! 2010_25 May every challenge make us stronger. 2010_24 The colors call, but who will interpret? 2010_23 Give us what we need, give us what we want. 2010_22 Face down, feet up, those around us laugh. 2010_21 The right way is always there. 2010_20 Three pair of geese and their comical children. 2010_19 Hard truths are truths half seen. 2010_18 You, good Lord, love us. 2010_17 Rather than wait for the tree to fall, 2010_16 This is not a mountain, 2010_15 O, Lord, how long shall we be divided? 2010_14 When something goes missing, 2010_13 When the world goes dark, 2010_12 A warm spring day in Amish farming country. 2010_11 Let us put our lives in order. 2010_10 We welcome spring but the receding snow... 2010_09 We so want to think well of ourselves. 2010_08 For those who help us: their hands and brains, 2010_07 Someone somewhere will. 2010_06 When computers crash or cars collide, 2010_05 For me and mine, for us and ours, 2010_04 Are we the doctors to cure the world of its ills? 2010_03 I am me, and we are us. That is perfectly obvious. 2010_02 You have blessed us with humor. 2010_01 Your eye has been on us since the beginning of time.

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