Experience has prepared us to be with others in their moments of sorrow. Grief needs company, especially companions with experience. Good, beauty, truth — let us look for these. Let us turn toward the light and, if we can, if it is within our means, let us point others toward the light. But let us remember that we, too, need guidance. We need to let others point us toward the light, for we are human. Experience has prepared others to be with us in our moments of sorrow. If we can, if it is within our means, let us accept their company, especially those with experience.


Photo of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, February, 2019, Delaware. Text based on the sermon by the Rev. David T. Andrews, Jr. given February 10, 2019 at the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew, Wilmington, Delaware.
Photo and prayer copyright 2019, by Danny N. Schweers

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