Photo Prayer 2021-40 -- Comprehension

Short on time and overwhelmed by details, surely you have noticed how our minds resort to a mental shorthand to make sense of it all. A thing, an event, a person ā€” the tiny particulars are blurred. Only the essence, or what we take to be the essence, remains. Only a few details survive this refining process, this distillation of experience and memory. Call the attempt to understand foolish, wonderfully naive, but certainly courageous ā€” to stand before the flood of experience and choose between innumerable interpretations. Yet there are moments of clarity. We tell ourselves we will hold onto these brief respites and remember their lessons. We bare our souls to them. We drink in the life-giving flow. And, yes, something does endure, an abiding welling up of joy and thanksgiving. So we say something inadequate but heartfelt, something like, ā€œPraise God!ā€

Photo of an old house in Milford, Pennsylvania mixing various levels of detail.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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