Photo Prayer 2020-42 -- Enemies Embrace

Who rejoices when blue and red crash into one another at full speed? Who delights when they see us smash each other to pieces? Who smiles at our country‚Äôs descent into suspicion, confusion, and chaos? I am as guilty as any, thinking my different-party neighbors are the unwitting dupes of manipulating scoundrels, pawns of self-serving interests and bankrupt ideologies. God help us to once again honor one another, to serve one another, and not see respect and deference as signs of weakness. In politics as in religion, the challenge is to love our enemies. Let us embrace, but not in word-to-word combat, in a mangled tangle of self-righteous anger that only pleases those who want us at odds. May we be many, but one.

Photo of blue and red sedans after a head-on collision.
Photo copyright 2010; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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