Photo Prayer 2021-49 -- Shadows and Reflections

In this time of snow and ice, the low-slanting mid-day sun only succeeds in melting the ice where it is thinnest. Tree shadows and reflections lay in contrary directions. It is a time of uncertainty, yes, of confusion, yes, but see how it all sparkles! This is no time to hide. You, like me, are alive. We know disturbing and monumental changes may come in the days ahead. Historians have many more contentions to chronicle, millions of dead yet to tally, but the good endures. Songs are being sung. Old prophecies still ring true. The sun still shines in heaven. Let those who are able thank God for it all!

Photo of shadows and reflections in snow and water at Bombay Hook Wildlife Preserve, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2019; text, 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Marina wrote:
Saw 1000+ snow geese at Bombay Hook earlier this week. Lots of conversation among the flock with the sun shining on the water. I breathe in the gaggle of eternal praise!

Robin wrote:
Again such beauty and meaning, matched perfectly with your image and words. So much synchronicity to my thoughts this morning and a much needed confirmation too. Thank You Danny for your poetic insights, and for being You!

Tom wrote:
A very welcome message, Danny. I see that in you the artist’s gaze and the philosopher’s mind are well paired.

Alice wrote:
Danny, only you could take a slushy landscape and use your camera to show the beauty in it.

Anne G. wrote:
Danny, I appreciate getting your photo prayers and how you share the world through image and words. How lucky I feel to be able to expand my world in this way.

Anne L. wrote:
Looks like a large step with the shadows all around -- great photo.

Rosemary wrote:
These are such beautiful images and words of encouragement. Thank you Danny. I needed this today.

Linda wrote:
Beautiful photo and thoughts, Danny — a real “pick me up” this morning!

Nancy wrote:
Thanks for reminding us not to hide. Yes, we are fortunate to be able to see the sparkle around us.

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