Photo Prayer 2022-01 -- What Goes On

Young men’s blades bite into bark. They make their marks and memorialize their conquests in the smooth skin of beech. Dates. Initials. Perhaps a heart carved around them. Meanwhile, what is going on goes its merry way escaping all confines. We count our years and want them to count, but what’s going on cannot be numbered, charted, or itemized, even in something as permanent as a tree. After seeing Jesus transfigured, Peter’s natural response was to mark the occasion by building three tabernacles. Meanwhile, Jesus went on his way to Jerusalem and Golgotha. What goes on cannot be contained. It cannot be nailed to a tree or buried in a tomb. What goes on, goes on — majestically new, triumphantly present, eternally blossoming, .....

Photo of years carved into a beech tree near Naamans Creek, Arden, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2021; text, 2022 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Peggy wrote:
Thank you and happy new year as life goes on. Don’t know if you’re on Facebook but you might enjoy the Wabi Sabi photography page. I’m sure you would have some contributions!!

Larry and Faye wrote:
Danny - I truly take great enjoyment in reading your photo prayers.

John wrote:
Thanks Danny; a great set of reminders to start my day!!

Julie wrote:
It's nice when the paths we mark lead somewhere good.

Hugh wrote:
Great image.

Ernestine wrote:
Amen Amen, thank you Danny..

Bernadette wrote:
Wow--- another great one, Danny! Happy New Year! & Thank You!

James wrote:
I take this as asserting that “process” – the nonlinear dynamic evolution of things in time – is fundamental RATHER than the static “it is what it is” view of the world we live in.

Bill wrote:
Great mini-essay tied to an intriguing picture. The dates ascend going down. You’d think they would ascend going up, as kids grow bigger each year and their parents mark their height on a wall. One more thought about the text. You say "something as permanent as a tree ...." I don't think of a tree as very permanent at all. I walk in the park and over time I see that trees change quite bit. I expect that they'll all be gone -- or perhaps transfigured (grin) -- within a couple of hundred years. That's a longer time frame than that of a human life, so the tree appears more permanent than we, I suppose. But still, not actually permanent. Hmm ... Is What's Going On permanent?

Linda wrote:
Beautiful photograph and words. Bless you!

Karen wrote:
Good morning Danny! What a gift to receive a picture and wonderful uplifting message to go with it! You are quite talented in writing as well as photography! I loved the message to match this photo. I visited the Natural Bridge in Virginia in October. I don’t know if you ever have visited. There are years of carvings in the rock wall by people who have been there. I took several pictures of the carvings, they seemed to peak my interest. What I learned later after leaving, was that George Washington carved his name as well, and I will have to go back someday just to see his handiwork. Thank you for making my morning special!

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