Photo Prayer 2021-48 -- Bright and Broken

I hung four delicate glass ornaments on the wreath on our front door but two soon fell to the bricks, shattering. Even broken, they are bright. No Christmas is ever perfect. Look for the moments, your labor over, the babe asleep, the unexpected visitors paying homage, the straw shining like gold, putting gold to shame. What had the shepherds heard, that they left their flocks? After angels and heaven’s glories, what is there to marvel at here, here among the livestock in nowhere Bethlehem?

Photo of broken and whole Christmas ornaments.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Julie wrote:
I have searched for a way to tell you how pleasantly your photo prayer affected me this time. I am not a Christian, so I can't stand in awe in front of a manger wherever it is situated. But I can stand under a dark sky full of glory, stars, forces much larger than anything I can control, and be humbled by the grandeur of it all. And if those long ago shepherds saw and heard heavenly choirs, then I am glad for them because I hear the same choirs when the stars spread out overhead in a light so bright I can see the path beneath my feet. Broken ornaments still glitter, and reflect the given light.

Karen wrote:
Beautiful Danny! Picture and inspiration! Have a wonderful blessed Christmas!

Anne wrote:
The ornaments are beautiful even though they are broken - it's the thought that counts. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022.

Ellyn wrote:
Broken and beautiful. That’s what we are. Let not that brokenness cause us to shatter … but to
Illuminate and continue to reflect the light in our unique way. At year’s end, I thank you for your amazing photos and beautiful, thought provoking writings that make me take pause…. Love you.

Rosemary wrote:
Beautiful reflection, Danny!

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