Photo Prayer 2021-02 -- Reality And Representation

A woman poses in front of a mirror. That’s one. Her lover paints her as two-faced, geometric, abstract. That’s two. Decades later and an ocean away, a woman in blue stands before the painting, perhaps wondering about reality and representation. That’s three. More years and here we are, you and I, looking at a photograph of a woman standing in front of Pablo Picasso’s painting of Marie Therese Walter looking at herself in a mirror. That’s four. What’s five? Who’s looking at us? One theory is that we are all of us fully alive in God’s memory; that God’s picture of us is us, not like us; and, unless we are forgotten, eternal; our every moment, always. Or does God only remember our better moments?

Photo of a woman in 2014 standing before Pablo Picasso’s 1932 painting, Girl Before A Mirror, at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City.
Photo copyright 2014; text, 2021, by Danny N. Schweers.

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Francis wrote:
Great reflection, Danny. Thank you!

Emily wrote:
Danny, brilliant! The paining, the photo, the reflections. Thanks so much! Emily

Tom wrote:
Fascinating take, Danny. Way to notice! Way to imagine!

David wrote:
Thank you. Wonderful thoughts.

John wrote:
Great one Danny! I often find myself taking photos of people looking at the exhibits. This Photo Prayer helps me understand why that intrigues me.

Bill wrote:
God does not remember us only. God is lovingly conscious of us right now. And now. And now...

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