Photo Prayer 2021-03 -- Window Coverings

There is something contradictory — and wonderfully human — about closing and covering windows. These openings, meant to let the outside in, are often shut and covered. We don’t want the breeze. We don’t want the light. Well, maybe now and then. Certainly we want to control them. Christians talk about the breath of God inspiring us. We talk about the Light of Christ coming into the world. We talk as though we eagerly await inspiration and illumination. Then we put up curtains. Isn’t there something wonderfully human about wanting to be blessed but also wanting to be in control, wanting to moderate God’s intrusion into our lives, wanting to open and close, to cover and uncover, the windows of our souls?

Photo of curtains made by the author’s wife, a fabric artist known as The Village Knitiot.
Photo and text copyrigh 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Ernestine wrote:
Danny that us do beautiful and on target about us humans. God Bless

John wrote:
Wow. Love this one Danny. And love the name Village Knitiot. Did you help come up with that name? [DANNY replied: Yes, I came up with that name! The creative juices were flowing. At the time, my wife was doing a lot of knitting.]

Robin wrote:
I love this Danny! I am always so inspired by your great images and perfect way with words! [DANNY replied: Your encouragement means a lot, especially since I count you as one of my photography instructors.]

Alice wrote:
I love this Danny and so true. We should have the courage to open those windows of the soul and let the light shine in, and the breeze to stir things up ! Thank you Danny!!!

Elaine wrote:
Love this Danny! It is quite the metaphor. I really appreciate these reminders that you send us!

Susan wrote:
I loved this. I guess It’s how we all are. Opened then closed.. open… closed and so on. Blessed… in control…

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