Photo Prayer 2021-01 -- Inauguration Day

Like Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden does not inspire fervor. Am I naive to think he listens to many but then chooses what is best for our country? That, because he favors no faction, none will favor him? That he will neither inflame his followers nor make his opponents howl? If we are to be fervent, let it be for the humdrum — for the rule of law, for equality under the law, and for individual rights in the face of the greater good. Let us rejoice in the many colors of our skins and in the many hues and shades of our political spectrum. Let us make real the promises of democracy. Let us make sacrifices, not sacrifice others. The discouraging say we cannot make a difference. We say we can. We say — it is a certainty.

Photo of Joe Biden at a March For Our Lives rally in Wilmington, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2018; text, 2021, by Danny N. Schweers.

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D-L wrote:

Christina wrote:
Thank you, Danny, I think many of us are requiring a sane, quiet, and non-dramatic daily activity though with some profound, if somewhat understated, changes to our recent history.

Cecilia wrote:
Well said, Danny.

Burley wrote:
Danny: Well and rightfully said. Burley

Kathy wrote:
Beautiful inauguration! So nice to see a nice person in the office.

Kay wrote:
Wow, great prayer and description. Yet, when I think of Jimmy Carter (who I missed seeing today but he does get an "Age Card" for missing it) Habitat for Humanity as well as his work as a statesman for free and valid elections around the world come to mind. Inspiring for sure — just maybe not the way a Martin Luther King, Jr type person gets our blood going!
Have a great week and I look forward to the Biden legacy of truly bringing our country back to being able to be civil to each other even if we disagree.

Alice & Harvey wrote:
Beautiful message and so appropriate for today. Alice

Nicholas wrote:
Thanks Danny.... Well said and we will be hoping for a better days ahead for our nation and each citizen.

Tom wrote:
Amen, Danny! And a great photo of Joe!

Emily wrote:

Julie wrote:
I agree with a lot of what you wrote: he is indeed not flashy, but he's also not trashy. He might seem to some to lack ferver, but he isn't perver-ted, either. He's solid and reliable, may accidentally flip over an apple-cart or two, but he is the right man for our times.

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