Photo Prayer 2020-52 -- New Year’s Eve

It’s a wonderfully optimistic idea that, by buying a new pair of specs, we can change our looks and the way the world looks; or, by buying new clothes, we will be more confident; or, by starting a new day or a new year, we can put the past behind us and make a fresh beginning. In religion, it’s the idea that we can repent, that we can get back on track, pursue again what is best, seek what is good, no matter who we are or what we have done or left undone. Does the new grow old? The fresh go stale? Our ruts deepen? We do not ask what is probable. We pursue the possible and often the impossible. Let this January be littered with our splendid failures and, who knows, something like success in September!

Photo of a window display of a shop selling eyeglasses in Burlington, Vermont.
Photo copyright 2019; text, 2020, by Danny N. Schweers.

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Hugh wrote:
We only really learn from our mistakes, after all.

Rosemary wrote:
Wryly beautiful, Danny. And inspiring.

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