Photo Prayer 2020-38 -- Sidewalk Art

A vivid pink exclamation drifts in a sea of blue-green conundrum. A feathered fish swims in an asphalt sea. A quadrilateral starshape defies the surrounding asymmetry. This is the sidewalk at my feet. Children were given chalk and the sidewalk was waiting. Our lives are like chalk. The world is like a sidewalk. We are all artists, every one of us, quick to criticize one another’s work, envious of real talent, blind to our own faults. Even so, we have been given our lives and the world is waiting.

Photo of children’s chalk artwork on an asphalt sidewalk in front of the Buzz Ware Village Center, Arden, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Anne wrote:
I hear echoes of Mary Oliver's question about our lives in your photo prayer, Danny. And, I wonder if my life is pleasing to God. Bless you and your ministry of reflection.

John W. wrote:
Thanks Danny! Love those colors as well as your thoughts and impressions!

John J. wrote:
Wow. Danny!!! I’m tempted to write “best ever”. That would be high praise since the normal, average Danny prayer/poem is so good. But I’m sure my reaction is partly due to Grace — Grace that this was precisely the one I needed to see and read this morning. So.....thank you.

Donna wrote:
This is so simple and yet striking. And I love that you can keep finding photos and sending our prayers even though you can’t get around to take pix as much.

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