Photo Prayer 2020-39 -- Fitting In and Standing Out

Odd, isn’t it, that some people try so hard to fit in while others try so hard to stand out. Then there are those who try to stand out so they can fit in, those who adopt wild hair colors, body piercings, distinctive dress, mannerisms, and language so they can fit in with the outsiders. Fitting in or standing out, it is safe to say we want it both ways. Look! I’m someone special! Look! I’m really no different! Look! I’m just like you, unlike anyone else! Look! I’m just like you except that I’m me.

Photo of a very red oakleaf hydrangea in the fall, Arden, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Kerry wrote:
So true! ❤️❤️❤️

Royster wrote:
Danny, wonderful picture. Knowing we are made in the image of God, you'd think we could be a bit more secure, resting into God's limitless love and being more comfortable with ourselves. Hope you enjoy a couple of pictures of autumn beauties that showed up in the yard/garden this week.

Rosemary wrote:
Danny, Talk about being knocked sideways. What a glorious image and what clarity. The play of opposite hues is just thrilling and your sentiments about individuality shows your love of humanity.

Tom wrote:
Wow, that red really pops! An appropriate message, too, Danny. Thanks!

Cookie wrote:
Amusing observation. So true!

Bern wrote:
LOVE this one especially, Danny!! The whole combo --

Sybil wrote:
Lovely picture. It takes a long time to take off all the masks and first face ourselves, then others....

Christina wrote:
Beautiful! And great prayer, too!

Pamela wrote:
Beautiful photo and much to think about.

Ken wrote:
Fabulous photo prayers🙏 and images...

Connie wrote:
That's a truly beautiful photograph, Danny. And I love the meditation.

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