Photo Prayer 2020-37 -- Full Moon

Who can pity themselves while sunlight still shines on the serene face of the moon above? Who can consider themselves cursed while glorious clouds still sail across that face and share with us the sun’s reflected rays? Who can say we are lost while that glow illuminates our land? Who can see the light and not be joyful? If I wake you with my singing, put your slumbers aside, come out and join me!

Photo of the full moon and clouds.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Ellyn wrote:
I feel like rejoicing just reading this! Thank you for sharing your deep wisdom. I am so grateful for you, and the beauty of the clouds and the long time sun.

John wrote:
Great inspiration - thank you!

Donna wrote:
Beautiful sentiment, Danny! These prayers are so inspirational especially now.

Burley wrote:
Hi Danny, another inspiring one.

Ellen wrote:
Inspiring photo!

Pamela wrote:
I surely would join you! I love the night sky, especially the Moon!

Sybil wrote:
Lovely! We all need reminders daily that Nature and beauty goes on in spite of the foolishness of mankind.

ON FACEBOOK, DANNY HAD SAID: Isolated in my house, I still find photographic opportunities. Today's Photo Prayer features a photo taken out my office window of the full moon and clouds. When I teach photography, I keep telling my students you can never tell where a good image might be found. You don't have to travel to Yosemite Valley; there are photographic marvels over the Delaware Valley.

Melissa wrote:
Andrew Wyeth would agree with you only about painting...😉

John wrote:
That’s exactly what EW Edward Weston said in ca. 1930.

Connie wrote:
I love this prayer. Very comforting to see a clear full moon and clouds made of water. Out here, everything has been so smoky and gloomy.

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