Photo Prayer 2020-36 -- One Of Those Days

Some days, it’s a real pleasure to take on one task at a time and do it well before moving on to the next. It takes faith — neither deep nor enduring — to imagine one has enough time and has enough talent to do the job. And when something suddenly doesn’t work, doesn’t go as expected, what a pleasure it is to take time to learn, to stop long enough to wonder how others in this same situation handled the challenge. I know it doesn’t look like it, but today just might be one of those days.

Photo of the author’s wife, destroyer of yellow-jacket nests.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Emily wrote:
I think we all need to wear this protective gear given all that is confronting us right now!

Elaine wrote:
Red jacket ready for Yellow jacket.

Shari wrote:
At first, I thought your wife was going to a protest. My mindset these days....

Burley wrote:
Thanks! I gave Helga a printed copy of your Photo Prayer. She doesn't use a computer. She has one of those days. Trying to decide what to part with before we move. Thanks, Burley.

Nancy wrote:
Oh my gosh. That is awful. She didn't have a reaction to all those painful horrible stings. We had one in the ground we tried everything to get rid of it. Mark finally poured a small amount of gasoline on it at night and covered it with a washtub. When Mark dug it out it was amazing how huge it was. We would have left the hive but it was next to a flower bed in the back yard and one of the dogs got attacked. It was scary. So we decided to do away with the nest.
[Danny replied: Those two cans were filled with a foaming insecticide, one can each for two nests. Me, I like learning to live with wild things. Her doctor gave her a shot of some kind and various salves went on the welts. Almost healed now!]

Cynthia wrote:
Oh wow! I’ve been stung just twice and it was very painful. Hope she is okay. Love the photo.
[Danny replied: My wife mowed over a yellow-jacket nest in the ground and the touchy insects attacked her. In all, she was stung something like 100 times, stung in 14 different places and multiple times in each location, the worst being a place on her back where I counted 15 welts side by side. Once, years ago, she had a wasp fly up her nose and sting her while inside. This latest event, she says, was worse.]

Shari wrote:

Connie wrote:
Oh! I only got a few stings this summer and they were terrible! So sorry your wife suffered that many. I hope she is well now.

Jeana wrote:
Feel better quickly!

Pamela wrote:
OMG 😱 One is too many!

Ken wrote:
Oh my God, sounds painful...hope she’s resting well after all of those bee 🐝 stings.
[Danny replied: Bees only sting once; these small wasps sting many times. Vicious!]

Cynthia wrote:
Oh your poor wife!!! I hope she’s doing okay.

Mario wrote:
I hope she's ok! I got stung by a wasp/hornet/yellow jacket/mean flying thing once and the next time I went out I was decked out similarly.

Delia wrote:

Craig wrote:
Hey, the upside is she looks great in red! Wasps are no joke. Good thing it wasn't this giant killer wasp they're getting in Washington. Wasps are like mosquitos, I really can't figure out a good reason for their existence.

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