Photo Prayer 2020-28 -- Out Of Ink

My pen ran out of ink!
Yes, that sentence deserves an exclamation point; the event, recognition. I buy these ballpoints sixty at a time, knowing each one will vanish a few days after I start using it. I don’t know where they go or why this one, unlike all the others, stuck around. I should frame it, mount it on the wall, so it can continue with me. O Loyal Pen! O Faithful Tool! I am afraid these few words will have to do for you, along with this memorializing photo. When I die, the same will do for me, though I do not think I will die dried up and empty. I will be overflowing, ink that’s run out of pen.

Photograph of an empty ballpoint pen and the page where it ran out of ink.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Marti wrote:
Really like your creativeness on this one, Danny. Love how you made the negative (running out of ink) into a positive (“...I will be overflowing, ink that’s run out of pen”)!!

John wrote:
What a great tribute to a disposable item. Here one day, doing its job, gone the next.
Tools extend us. How many ideas flowed through you, through that pen, and then on to others? A lesson in impermanence - what does not last (including "us") and what does endure. Thank you!

Bill wrote:
Brilliant! The last two sentences reframe the whole thing with startling clarity and grace. That’s the essence of the Good News. Thanks!

Ernestine wrote:
That's beautiful, Danny. Thanks

Carolyn wrote:
I love this! You are amazing and I miss you.

Trish wrote:
Awesome! What a great attitude.

Tom wrote:
Great metaphor, Danny!

Christina wrote:
"Ink that's run out of pen." Great line!

Bob wrote:
It's still suitable for writing on clay tablets. Go Sumerian!

Jean wrote:
Oooooh blue ink! Black ink better.

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