Photo Prayer 2020-27 -- Get Rid of It

Put it in the trash. Pour it down the drain.
Toss it out the window. Throw it in the fire.
Fling it to the ground. Feed it to the wolves.
Roll it off a cliff. Raze it to the ground.
Push it under a bus. Pitch it in the well.
Bury it in a pit. Blast it to smithereens.
Drag it to the dump. Drop it from a plane.
Sink it in the ocean. Send it to the moon.
Scatter it to the winds.
That old grievance, that old grudge,
ain’t it nearly time to give it a nudge?

Self-portrait of author at night with shovel and a blooming snowball bush.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Paula H. wote:
Nice composition. Love the way the bush echoes your action, or perhaps the other way round. Cool stuff.

Lynn M. wrote:
Thoughtful prose, and I like the photo. I wonder if your neighbors ever suspect you of burying a body in the middle of the night, but I guess whatever happens in Arden stays in Arden. [Danny replied: Yes, I disturbed my neighbors with this photo session, the lights outside moving around suspiciously. I didn’t think they would notice.]

John W. wrote:
Drop the rock… Just don't recycle (don't need that stuff going through my head endlessly). Thanks for the reminder - and visualization!

John J. wrote:
I loved this one Danny. Did you set it up specifically to frame yourself with the plant. I can’t imagine what gave you that idea. The punch line[s] reminded me of my favorite (I think) Avett Bros song: I’m copying a couple of Avett Bros fans who might have missed your photo prayer — who might want to watch and listen to the Avetts again after they enjoy your photo prayer.

Tom D. wrote:
Fabulous Danny! Absolutely fabulous. These days I have a lot of trash to throw away everyday, and you helped me be aware of that. Thanks!

Roberta H. wrote:

Francis C. wrote:
Thank you, Danny. Great prayer.

Burley and Helga M. wrote:
Danny: Another good one. Thanks!

Bernadette D. wrote:
WOW-- love it! Thank you!

Ellyn H. wote:
Love it!

Christina B-L wrote:
As always, but especially, this one is great and really speaks!

David M. wote:
Yes, thank you.

Mark M. wrote:
“My shovel’s bent for duty — Breaks that thirsty ground — early morning heat and you know that it is bringing me down.” These lyrics are from “Shade”, a song by Chuck Kirkley, two-time winner of Best Austin singer-song writer award in the 1980s. He died of complications of cancer at age 30. He performed at our wedding reception at Schultz’s Beer Garden in between Rich Harney’s band sets. Love this song and perform it every chance I get in memory of Chuck and our friendship. I also created the album cover while Rich and many other Austin musicians contributed to completing Chuck’s half-finished album.

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