Photo Prayer 2020-29 -- Mars And The Moon

This is the farm we expect to find on Mars and the Moon — trays of plants under grow lights, their roots dangling in water optimized for nutrients and acidity, their temperature-controlled environment shielded from birds, insects, and mold; a self-contained ecosystem divorced from the land and all its vagaries of good soil and bad, dry spells and wet, pestilence and plague. How similar this is to our own protected lives while we were still in our mothers’ wombs, how unlike us in our maturity — competent adults who can adapt to any situation with cunning, team work, and humor. O Lord! Let it be so as you lead us to the ends of the Earth, to Mars and the Moon, to infinity and beyond.

Photograph of edible greens growing at Second Chances Farm, Wilmington, Delaware.
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Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Dave wrote:
A lot to chew on in this one. Thanks as always.

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