Photo Prayer 2020-25 -- Greenhouse Farming Prayer

O Lord, bless our plastic-skinned regulated environments. Protect our crops against fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Teach us to properly adjust temperature, humidity, and air flow. Tutor us in drip-flow integration and condensation modalities. Endow us with Solar-Smart™ technology and vary the infrared reflectance of our greenhouse membranes. Give us stronger lighter-weight polycarbonate supports with lower structural stress. Reduce the ultra-violet deterioration of our extruded thermoplastic coverings. Increase the yield and quality of our harvest that we may better feed the world and provide for our families and workers. Lord, we are breaking new ground, adopting new-fangled methods we can have no faith in. Our trust is in you, God, Lord of every innovation. Our faith is rooted in you.

Photo of plastic-covered greenhouse in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with dairy cow and cellphone tower.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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John wrote:
Cell tower and fence post,
Greenhouse and cloud bank,
God-given innovation,
The cow and I are just taking it all in!

Craig wrote:
I'd be happy if I just got better tomatoes...

Donna wrote:
Another thoughtful one — love that final line! Great!

Nancy wrote:
Great photo. There is a scene in the old movie Beneath the planet of the Apes that the people living underground say a prayer to the Bomb and its radiation. For some reason, the Greenhouse prayer reminded me of it.

Connie wrote:
And help us, Lord, to find something other than carbon fuel-based plastic to make our greenhouses out of.

Christina, Burley, and Mary wrote:

Royster wrote:
Thank you!

Bernadette wrote:
Love it!!---

Anne wrote:
Great photo - I love that cow and it looks like it was having a good time in the pasture.

Thanks for your comments! Curious about plastic-sheeted greenhouses, I did some Internet research and found a mind-boggling list of techno-promises to farmers from manufacturers. That was the basis of this prayer. I think of farmers as simple people. I am re-thinking that stereotype.

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