Photo Prayer 2020-24 -- Pivot of Calm

We stopped to let him pass, we in our bright yellow Mini-Cooper with its sporty racing stripe, he driving a working wooden farm wagon pulled by a team of four draft horses. We smiled and waved. He did the same. Around us the earth has sprung up wheat, corn, alfalfa, and tobacco. Nearby, other teams of horses and mules tilled furrows, spread manure, and baled hay. It was an idyllic moment on a Tuesday afternoon, the Amish working their fields while we, at our leisure, looked for ever-narrower roads to get lost in. There are fixed hubs around which our hectic lives revolve, pivots of calm around which we spin. Once again we have circled in close to the center.

Photo of wheat nearly ready for harvest in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Sue wrote:
Beautiful and calming, a reservoir of beauty in which to lose oneself.

John wrote:
Thanks for the wonderful contemplation. A moment that sticks with me really can be a pivot, a turning point.

Bernadette wrote:
Thanks Danny! We took a similar ride this past weekend during the wonderful weather! Beautifully said!

Rosemary wrote:
Beautifully evocative, Danny. I so love your Wednesday gems. You told me working on this prayer exhausted you. For me, finishing a project goes two ways: Exhilaration if I love it, energized. Or exhaustion and bewilderment if my work doesn’t please me. Next morning, miraculously, I see my work differently. I get to like it.

Hugh wrote:

Roberta wrote:
I love it. :)

Marina wrote:
Thanks for the pivot, even for a moment of calm.

Leslie wrote:
Thank you, Danny. I appreciate these email messages from you. I always look forward to opening them. They are gifts to be savored.

Julie wrote:
Perfect! Loved this one.

I can hear the breeze in the wheat. Lovely.

Timeless beauty

Love it Danny!

So moving, Danny!


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