Photo Prayer 2020-23 — In The Spotlight

Few can do what Iris McKenney does — pose confidently for hours while a battery of cameras fire at her point blank, at the same time establishing an easy rapport with the photographers, at times the whole studio full of laughter. Oh, to be as calm when we are in the spotlight, to be as comfortable in our own skin, to show ourselves to others without needing to control how we are seen. Let our triumphant being glow in the pixels of every screen! Let others see us, if they have eyes to see, people like themselves — I don’t think I am overstating it — people divinely made, heavenly crafted, God’s image incarnate.

Portrait of artist model Iris McKenney.
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Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Sybil wrote:
Lovely woman! A thousand messages! Confession - I cheated! Found your workshop on Google and so enjoyed the variety of student photos of her. When one can laugh during a workshop, we know her persona is rich and deep!

Christina wrote:
Love this!! Her face and pose and your photo abd words make her into someone I'd like to know.

Martha wrote:
What a fabulous portrait, Danny! How posture and textures reveal character …

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