Photo Prayer 2020-17 -- Trespasser’s Memento

  Awake in the wee hours, reading Wallace Stevens’ dense enigmatic poetry, I hear clinks and clanks from the kitchen, noises quite distinct from the refrigerator’s night-time hums and thumps. Seven minutes after I set the trap, I hear it snap, then, three scuffles, then I look — empty! Seven minutes after I re-set the trap, I hear it snap again, then, more scuffles, then I look — and the mouse looks back at me, its paw caught, the trap unshakeable. As recommended on page 38 of the Mouse Trapper’s Handbook, I use a paper towel and, even though it nips my thumb, I carry the intruder out of the house and into the yard to freedom. May God be as generous to me! And, if I am to be counted wise, may I recognize God’s mercy even when I am left with a mangled paw, a memento of my trespass.

Photo of my covered left hand holding a trapped mouse.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Teresa wrote:
Danny! Your photography and prayers always touch my heart and motivate me to think about life and it’s sustenance. But today I initially struggled with your message, because I am deathly afraid of and despise rodents! Any mention or real image of them sends cold chills down my spine. So, what did I discover from Danny’s photo and prayer today...that no matter how much disdain I may have for someone, or something, there is still room in my heart for compassion. Thanks to you and that little mouse! Theresa♥️

Elisabeth wrote:
There are mouse traps that trap up to two or three mice without injuring them! We were successful in using them when we moved to an old house in Virginia. We bought it on Amazon: Victor TIN CAT Humane Live Mouse Trap M310S. Also, the mouse needs to be relocated at least a quarter mile away, else it will readily return. Please consider using the live trap. And go with God.

Kathy wrote:
Danny, thanks so much for releasing the mouse! That made my day so much better.

Brent wrote:
Lovely. Shared on Facebook. Thanks!!

Sybil wrote:
Life gets very real in the trap......
Thank you!

Christina wrote:
Wonderful post!

Tom wrote:
What a photo and story! I suppose you cobbled together this photo after the nipping?

Alice wrote:
What a picture. Can't believe you were able to get it outside.

Lynn wrote:
Yes, do unto others--a kind man, a lucky mouse!

Elaine wrote:
Ahhh. What a photo! What a prayer! Thanks Danny

Bill wrote:
The mouse looks rather annoyed. Thanks. And keep ‘em coming!


How kind you are!

That was nice of you and what a persistent little mouse. You may have wanted to relocate him a little further away like a state park.

This is one of the traumas of my life, dreading to find an injured but not dead mouse in a trap. I shall now plan to call you Danny, should that happen.

"The Better Mouse Trap." Interesting name. I've been lucky in not finding a trapped mouse.

You did good.

Can’t you get the harmless traps. They are sort of like boxes.

And it said to you “Mouse obliged!” 🐭😊💕💕

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