Photo Prayer 2020-16 -- Watch For Something Wonderful

  “Watch for something wonderful!” Those words came to me in a dream four days ago. I woke happily expectant, believing they might be a premonition. Now I wonder, why should I have to watch for it? If it will be so wonderful, won’t it be obvious? Apparently not! Think of me as Mr. Oblivious. I often cannot see things right in front of me. Picture me in a comedy skit. Jesus returns, the universe is in convulsions, but I don’t notice. That’s me! So if voices in dreams are speaking, why choose someone so often befogged, telling them to keep their eyes peeled? I do not know, yet all the same, I am watching. It will be wonderful!

Photo of drinking glass and red plastic cup on sunlit countertop.
Photo copyright 2019; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Ernestine wrote:
That is so awesome because inbygese particular time I truly believe that Jesus will reveal to all of us. Just keep watching. Thanks Danny. Blessings to you.

Nicole wrote:
I really like this!

Royster wrote:
Danny, I am leading a three-Sunday Adult Formation conversation about Modern Monastic Wisdom. The genesis of the idea began around a two-week series of SSJE's Brother. Give Us a Word. I am also starting (I hope) an ongoing conversation that I am calling InWeek! The idea is that spiritual formation/practice is not just a Sunday morning thing. The quote that I am using today comes from Brother Curtis Almquist -- December 25, 2019.
"Live the miracle of your life, each passing moment. Take nothing for granted. Recognize the Creator of life -- the life that surrounds you and the life that fills you -- has given you a life to share delight and wonder and utter amazement. In the beginning, God created life, and it was amazingly good, that God could not help but share it ... with you.”
And God gave you a heart, a spirit and a set of wonderful gifts to help us all share it. Many thanks for leading us all in "watching."

Kerry wrote:
We need a little wonderful about now! Joy and peace to you and Barbara!

Julie wrote:
Pleasure and joy are sometimes 90% anticipation. Enjoy!

Anne wrote:
Danny...….. love this one - your words are so true - we will get thru this pandemic mess and I believe we will rise above this virus in due time - Thank God I'm able to look outside and see the blue skies and green grass and appreciate what I have in my life - my family, friends and neighbors. Stay safe and healthy.

Mary wrote:
I love that idea…and may join your watch party

Donna wrote:
Love this!!! 👌

David wrote:
Something wonderful is what we experience each time we receive your Photo Prayers!

Elaine wrote:
Danny--- that's me too! Thanks for the wonderful photo and a prayer I surely can identify with!

Mary wrote:
You are so funny DS! Befogged? Beautiful photo.

Tom wrote:
Danny, I know that as a photographer you are VERY watchful! Your photo this week is evidence thereof. Well done! The problem is that one can be so watchful in one zone that one becomes completely oblivious of all else. Mea culpa!

Sybil wrote:
Not sure I understand the photo, but I hear your words. I think the pandemic has at least caused me to see wonderful things around me in almost everything! By no longer rushing to exercise class or heading downstairs to make more pots, I have watched the greening of the woods behind our house, investigations of our blue bird house by a couple looking for a home (they took up residence!). Now we joyfully provide live meal worms in hope of seeing fledglings in time. Wonder surrounds us, not just woods and flowers, but in acts of generosity and care, and a thousand other ways. Sometimes it takes a crisis to get our attention! Keep dreaming....❤️

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