Photo Prayer 2020-18 -- Bamboo Birds

  What makes a home a home? Each night, birds make their home in the bamboo grove behind my home and, in the morning, every morning at first light, I cannot snooze for all the joyous noise they make greeting each other and the dawn. Does the wise man shut his window to the ruckus? Does the wise man shout for silence? Scream for peace? No. The wise man lives in harmony with his neighbors. The wise man goes to bed with the birds and, like them, rises with the sun, singing! I wonder what it’s like to be wise.

Photo of bamboo at night.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Shari wrote:
Coincidence? I was just out back listening to the Great Horned Owl and wondering the same thing - who is the wise one, the bird by nature or me for keeping the window open to listen to his calls?

Anne wrote:
Danny, you're one of the wisest men I know! Thanks for calling special attention to our bird friends who sing their hearts out after they've eated from the feeders in the backyard. Hope you and yours are well -- and washing your hands!

Dennis wrote:
Lovely image Danny. I especially enjoy the rebel in the front row, gracefully bent as the other stand at attention. Those bamboos aren’t all that color, are they? I really enjoy all your offerings. Even though I only comment occasionally, I look forward to opening the email every time I see its from you. [DANNY REPLIED: I confess, I did increase the saturation of the colors, but did nothing else to change them. So, yes, lots of colors!]

Pamela wrote:
Love this!

Hugh wrote:

Audrey wrote:
Beautiful and wonderful Danny. Thanks so much❣️

Brent wrote:
Another winner. Love it, Danny!

Burley and Helga wrote:
Another good one, but I couldn't see the birds. [DANNY REPLIED: There are no birds in the photo! At dusk, I can see birds flying into the bamboo to roost for the night, but then they are lost to sight. The thicket can be full of song but the individual singers remain hidden.

Cookie wrote:
I love all the colors of bamboo. It sings to me its birdsong while I enjoy its company in our yard. Heavenly peace.

John wrote:
Particularly nice on Danny!! Punch line is perfect!!!! I’m sure your wife green-lighted this one with no hesitation.


I love your writing and photographs.

Do you know the species of bird that nests in the bamboo? [Danny replied: I do not, can never see them once they are in the bamboo and have never learned to recognize birds by their calls.]

Danny that is beautiful!

Mine are just a sweet sound.

Guess that makes you the wise man. Lucky you! [Danny replied: No, no! I am the one screaming for quiet, an idiot!]

Wise is as wise does

Such a beautiful photograph, and wise meditation.

Well, a man would also be wise to clean his driveway... wiser still to move the tree above!

Betty O'Regan Striking photo...astute observation.

Poetic. I love this. Hugs from b. xoxo

You made my heart sing!

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