Photo Prayer 2020-15 -- Prologue

  The spring equinox has passed, but the hesitant roots of the ferns have yet to send forth fresh shoots. The old fronds still stand, stiff, not soft, brown, not green. They are, in their wintry way, beautiful, even lyrical. I, too, am in my winter years. What is left of my hair is snowy white, and there are other signs, too many! Half the men my age will be dead in 13 years. How is it then that I feel that my life has just begun? That my many decades are only preface, only a prologue? The feeling is strong but how can it be true unless death is not the end?

Photo of dried fern fronds.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Hugh wrote:
Wonderful thought. Every day is an adventure!

David wrote:
Wonderful expression and picture of life and death and life and death and life...

Tina wrote:
Your photo prayers are poignant, thought-provoking and, in a word, beautiful. Thank you. Stay safe and healthy.

Emily wrote:
Wow, thanks for the thoughts.

Steve wrote:
This is just beautifully done. Thanks so much.

Elizabeth wrote:
Wise words in your meditation! I often wonder how much time I have left, what I should do with that time, and what will come next. But decisions about how to use my day today are really all I can control. Sometimes I accept that gracefully, and other days I feel a sadness that I can no longer fill my day with the energy I used to have. I pray for graceful acceptance.

Tom wrote:
The secret, Danny, is staying away from mirrors : )

Alice wrote:
Another excellent prayer.

Kerry wrote:
Love this image, those textures! Love the poem too, so true!

Anne wrote:
Another stunning photo - guess we won't know about that until we take our last breath.....stay safe and healthy.

Leslie wrote:
Your words are so profound. Thank you for this!

Mary wrote:
Yikes danny. You are sounding mortal! Have you read any of Brian Doyle?

James wrote:
What a wonderful and brave prayer. Surprisingly, I too always and continually think my life has just begun, even though able to look back on so much. So exciting to imagine it might be so.

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