Photo Prayer 2020-12 -- Let Heaven Decide

  Let heaven decide our place in the world while we decide to be happy in it. Let us ask, what place is this? Let us ask, who are these people? Let us explore this place, trusting there are treasures to be unearthed and extraordinary companions to meet along the way, landmarks we have not yet learned to cherish and strangers who one day will be our best friends.

Photo of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Delaware. The first sentence is a paraphrase of a sentence found in John Ruskin’s slim but dense book Unto This Last, a book Mahatma Gandhi said changed him from a lawyer into a social activist.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.


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Tom wrote:
Very cool landscape, Danny! Looks kinda eerie!

Mary wrote:
Hi danny. What a lovely photo. What time of day? Ruskin’s thoughts filtered thru you are magical. Keep up the good work. It matters.

Seonaid wrote:
Good morning (here in Suffolk, England)
Thank you for continuing to send out your lovely images along with your thoughts and prayers. I always look forward to receiving them. I have a small (but perfectly formed) art workshop group which has just had to stop meeting in our chapel hall. Could we have your permission to use the two most recent photos as references/stimulus for painting practice please? We have been working on 'Working with One Colour' and the last two images would lend themselves beautifully to watercolour interpretations. I could then 'ping' the images and/or link to your site to my students for them to work on at home, with your permission.
Every blessing
(Currently blessed by fine, crisp, cold days and fortunate enough to live surrounded by countryside where we can see the beauty of God's creative power all around us: big, Suffolk skies, fields and meadows in which to walk the dog (and self) and space to think and pray. Hoping that you, too, can continue to find inspiration in this literally awesome world … S)

Ellen wrote:

Anne wrote:
Another beautiful photo - stay safe and healthy while we do our best to get through this Pandemic problem.

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