Photo Prayer 2020-11 -- Everyone Everywhere

  My hope now is that we can slow the spread of the coronavirus so our hospitals are not overwhelmed, so that everyone who needs it can get good medical care when they need it, everyone, even me. That hope comforts me until I stumble over the word everyone. Everyone? With that question, the comfort of my hope vanishes, and that’s a good thing. Everyone includes anyone anywhere facing this contagion, even those with scant medical resources, those far away but perhaps even my neighbors, unknown to me. God help them! And that’s the trouble with prayer — it has to be about me and mine, you and yours, but also about them and theirs — everyone everywhere — or God may not listen.

Photo of a sawed off but still growing tree along Route 9 near Dutch Neck Crossroads, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2011; text, March 18, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

A few of the 644 Photo Prayers that I have created since 2007 are on exhibit
at the Buzz Ware Village Center in Arden, Delaware during the months of March and April, 2020.

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Tom wrote:
As usual, a wonderful message and image, Danny. I like the way you processed the image!

Larry wrote:
Thank you. Well done, great photo.

Ellyn wrote:
Would love to share this… So perfect for this time of unnecessary hoarding and survivalist knee jerk reactions… We are All in this together… Thanks as always Danny...

Marti wrote:
Like this a lot, Danny. In enlarging it & then staring at it (and, of course, after reading your “meditation” about it, I can envision the knots or shadows in the trunk of the tree as a face and the KEEP OUT sign, I commented to myself: “Yes, Coronavirus! Keep Out! Go Away from Everyone!”

Carol wrote:
Danny, my sister-in-law wants to subscribe to your Photo Prayer but didn't see a way to do that when I forwarded it her. Can you help? I share your Photo Prayer with so many of my friends. You have a gift. Keep it up in these trying times! [Have your sister-in-law visit this website and click on the “Subscribe” tab at the top, or have her use this link: ]

Eliot wrote:
As one who is not big on prayer, nice prayer for these uncertain times.

John wrote:
Very good one Danny!! I’m furiously forwarding.

Hugh wrote:
Great image, great thought.

Anne wrote:
Great photo Danny … your comment under the photo was right to the point … it's OK to think of ourselves at times - however; this is a pandemic situation and WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER on this one or we may not make it to another season. Stay healthy and safe.

Julie wrote:
Spot on, Danny! No matter which gods one serves. Everyone. Everywhere. Always.

Faye wrote:
Thank you for your encouragement and your amazing photography.

Royster wrote:
Danny, hope you are safe and well. God is always listening, always present. I think there is a direct correlation between the pain he feels because of the narrowness we exhibit in understanding his love and sharing it with everyone.

Bill wrote:
Great photo. Good sentiment in the poem, except I disagree with your theology. God listens all the time to everyone! I humbly admit to praying for me and mine at times, without thinking of all the others. So far it has worked out pretty well. God always answers. Of course, we do not always hear the answer, but that’s not God’s fault. [DANNY REPLIED: Yes, Bill, my theology is shaky! I agree with yours. Certainly God listens to selfish prayers. Most prayers are selfish! I could have written “God may not listen favorably” at the end but I wanted stronger language, of God clamping his hands over his ears in disgust, but that gets me into the idea that God can be at the same time disgusted with us and loving us, fed up with us but ever forgiving.]

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