Photo Prayer 2020-13 -- Ambushed By Daffodils

  Look at me! Look at me! cry the blossoms of the weeping cherry. I was on my way to watch morning prayer on the Internet when the flowers ambushed me with their glory. Look at me! Look at me! cry the daffodils. Even though the slow, gentle rain has bent their heads face downward, their bright petals hold my attention while the urgent tasks on my agenda go ignored. My community, my country, and the world are mobilized, each person doing their part. Look at me! Look at me! cry the hellebore and the forsythia. Yes, children, I will look.

Photo of miniature daffodils after the rain.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Christina wrote:

Anne wrote:
That photo is a breath of fresh air…….. can't wait for life to be back to "normal" whenever that will be - stay safe and healthy.

Kathy wrote:
I have a friend who would like to receive these photo prayers and also my mom. Would you mind adding them? Thank you so much. I love these weekly reflections.

Sybil wrote:
Thanks for adding me to your musings, Danny. I look forward to seeing/reading them. We all need beautiful and or interesting things on a frequent basis.

Hugh wrote:
Wonderful image,

Tom wrote:
What an image and message! Thank you so much, Danny! I love the way you desaturated and otherwise processed. The subtle pattern of brick in the background adds to other lovely features: the diagonal line of blossoms, the parallel, graceful stems. Lovely composition! Especially the water droplets and the way you tilted the photo so that the blossoms are on the bottom. Way to look!

Brent wrote:
Good stuff, as usual, Danny. Thanks!

Bernadette wrote:
OMG this is FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing the experience! b.

Marina wrote:
Thank you, Danny, for the ambush story. Peace to you and yours in these heavily troubled times. May we always be ambushed by beauty.

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