Photo Prayer 2020-10 -- Four Sunrise Photo Tips

  Want a good sunrise photo? Just follow these four steps.
ONE: Face east. The sun on this planet never rises in the west.
TWO: Shoot at dawn, not noon. This means getting up early.
THREE: Find a clear view of the sky, preferably at the water’s edge.
This means driving in the dark.
FOUR: Have faith.
The universe does not perform on cue but those who seek beauty often find it.
Go out looking for the best and the best will come looking for you.

Photo of sunrise over the Delaware River at Augustine Beach Access Area, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

A few of the 643 Photo Prayers that I have created since 2007 are on exhibit
at the Buzz Ware Village Center in Arden, Delaware during the month of March, 2020.

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Peter wrote:
I needed an optimistic non-news-related message today. Thanks for this!

Marti wrote:
Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your awesome talent with us!!

Tom wrote:
Oh, my oh my, the waiting in this case sure paid off! The tones and the colors! Splendid !!! And especially, those multiple islets of sand!

Dave wrote:
I like this one a lot - the picture and the words. Reminds me that serendipity happens most often to those who ‘prepared’ for it. Thanks for sharing beauty in these difficult days. Be blessed :)

Hugh wrote:
Great shot, great thought.

Ellen wrote:
Absolutely gorgeous.

Shari wrote:
Hi Danny - This is heavenly.

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