Photo Prayer 2019-21 -- Eager To Tell

How quickly others are bored when I tell them about my amazing and endlessly fascinating life. At the same time, they are eager to tell me all about theirs. Am I that way with you, God? Eager to tell and slow to listen?

Photo of cloud reflected in rippled water at Bellevue State Park, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2017; text, 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Hugh wrote:
Way cool!
Ernestine wrote:
That's a amen for all of us.
Harold wrote:
Beautiful image, Danny! In so many ways.
Theresa wrote:
Danny, did you ever double down with this truth! So much so that I’m still smiling at its irony! I would add sadly that our children are the worse offenders. But fortunately, HE listens to us always ... and, for as long as it takes to tell our story.
Bill wrote:
Nice! Thanks. By the way, the way to solve that problem (with other people, not with God) is to take turns so that the amount of time listening and talking is roughly equal between the two of you.
Craig wrote:
In our admittedly small circle of friends and acquaintances, will be found an unsettling number of talkers. We all know these folks: holding unbounded conversations with… who, exactly? Certainly not you … there's no small space of their lives, no detail too humble to convey to their breathless victims … while you could have a piano drop on your head and they wouldn't notice. These are not those who carry on animated conversations with cabbages in the produce aisles of America … these are outwardly normal individuals who mysteriously see no reason to acknowledge that you might have something interesting to say back to them. And they prate on…. Most of them have redeeming qualities of some sort. Most of them… So I can imagine God: will everyone just STOP with the prayers already? Can't a deity get some rest here!…

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