Photo Prayer 2019-20 — Yankee Aphorisms

Have no fear of tomorrow.
God is always there.
Say well is good. Do well is better.
Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday.
It is not how long but how well we live.
A friend is like a rare book of which but one copy is made.
Peace flourishes where reason rules.
Virtue is the only true nobility.

Photo of Yankee aphorisms on a chalk board and an 1837 American flag in a
restored one-room schoolhouse at Shelburne Museum, Vermont.
Photo copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Ernestine wrote:

Harold wrote:
Love the photograph and the sentiment!

Dennis wrote:
Finally a B&W photo! What’s has been forgotten on the blackboard: “An elevator smells different to a midget.”

Alice wrote:
Hi Danny... I like what you are saying here. Someone recently said, it’s not what you actually do in your life, but how you do it. Then there’s , life is not measured by the the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away! A quote from someone! Good thoughts. Thanks for your photo prayers. Love them.

Thanks for your comments on my photo of the Yankee single-room schoolhouse at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. If it was not clear, the text I had below the photo is what is written on the blackboard in the photo. I did not have to be creative in my writing, I just copied what was already there. For that matter, the photo is just a copy of what was there. All I did was frame the shot, press a button, and then convert the image to black and white after cropping it. Nothing creative happened!
  Perhaps I get credit for having seen something photographic. Some people call that the photographer’s eye, a rare ability. Others call it shooting a thousand images and choosing the best one. I like the photo a lot, but I do not know how much I can call it my creation. Call me a collector of selected visual bits and pieces and, in this case, also a collector of aphorisms.

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