Photo Prayer 2019-22 -- A Friend Recognized

My mind is too muddled to comprehend or judge between competing philosophies and systems of thought. What I can do is hold onto the main thing, which, it turns out, is not a thing at all but a person, a friend recognized and loved. My friend likes to play. My friend delights in being. My friend is unafraid. My friend welcomes and embraces. I want to be like my friend, a fit companion.

Photo of a tree in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania taken from a moving train on the Strasburg Rail Road.
Photo and text copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Maryann wrote:
This one feels like the Holy Spirit to me; especially when I'm not listening very well! Such dynamic movement; keep up, Maryann.
Kay wrote:
You have such a great eye and the ability to capture images … thanks!
Hugh wrote:
Wonderful image, wonderful thought. Many thanks!
Ellen wrote:
Love this photo!
Frank wrote:
I have an image of the Paradise cemetery....they have a two holer.
Danny replied: We did not stay long enough in Paradise to visit the cemetery. What a great sentence that is! Have you photographed Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont? I was there last month. See:
Paula wrote:
I love it! Just when I want to make it focus, I realize I don't want that at all. A glimpse at something profound.
Danny replied: I know documentary photos are supposed to be taken with the camera not moving at a shutter speed quick enough to freeze any movement, but I like the way the world looks at 1/3 second from a moving camera.
Jon wrote:
As you know, Danny, it’s as much about emotion as cold hard fact. It’s a beautiful and meaningful image.
Lloyd wrote:
One of my favorites.
Danny replied: Makes me think of the burning bush of Moses, without the theological implications. Or are the implications there and I am missing them?
Donna wrote:
Lovely!!! Really captivating.
Danny replied: I will have an exhibit here in Arden at the Buzz in March of 2020. I need to include this image! The Wilmington Art Loop reception should be on Friday, March 6, 2020.

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