We are our bodies. Own them! We are our thoughts. Own them! We are our feelings. Own them! Be in the world. Embrace this life. Let us, beloved of God, discover ourselves and this place. A sense of humor helps, as does an eagerness to forgive and be forgiven. Truth uncovered is beautiful. Dig for it. Get out the shovels and wheelbarrows. Bring in back-hoes and excavators. If you work at night, bring a light.

Photo of father and son watching an excavation at Shelburne Museum, Vermont.
Yes, that is a lighthouse in the background..
Photo and prayer copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Shari wrote:
Wow, Danny, you did it again; you found a positive view in a picture that I thought was sadness watching destruction. Thank you for opening my eyes and showing that there is always something good to see, no matter what the image.

Ellyn wrote:
Thank you as always for your thought provoking photo prayers. They are priceless to me. I appreciate the incentive to keep on digging!

Hugh wrote:
Dig we must.

Craig wrote:
I just hope the operator of the shovel realizes that the guy standing in the pit is NOT to be removed with the shovel! If he doesn't, a sense of humor would definitely be called for... on the part of the removee...I think the little kid is maybe thinking the same thing?? Been reading a little on Descartes, Hume, and philosophical Empiricism. What do we know, how do we know it. You know, trivial subjects.... I've been pairing this... a la Brainpickings... with certain Buddhist teachings: our real self is not our body, nor is it our thoughts. Our real selves are to be found beyond these things, and that's the work of digging, as you say. To the Buddhists, we mis-identify with body and thoughts, and misconstrue the real nature of Self.

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