Advent is that season of the church year when we eagerly watch for the unexpected and read the signs. Others, poor souls, see only dimly and their thinking is literal rather than metaphorical. But even you and I, so clear-eyed and sharp-witted, we who know that things are also signs, we must rely on the reports of others and choose between conflicting interpretations. To whom shall we turn for news and whom shall we trust to interpret its meaning? News channels abound 24/7 while analysts proliferate and pontificate. Which of them has heard the Good News? Which of them has understood God’s signs? Let us stop, look, and listen. Then let us move forward in time, not foolishly certain of ourselves, but more than willing to change direction when someone somehow makes the right path clear.


Photo of two red signs in a stand of green Phragmites australis with yellow Watch For Motorcycles stickers in their centers.
Photo copyright 2017; prayer, 2018, by Danny N. Schweers

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