Christmas trees have nothing to do with remembering Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem. So say many pious Christians. Me, I like the Christmas Weed celebration in Claymont, Delaware, and the Christmas Agaves in Austin, Texas. In Caracas, Venezuela, I hear they go to mass on roller skates. In Catalan, Spain, they have "Pooping Logs" that spew out candies, fruit, and nuts. Sweden has giant Christmas Goats and San Fernando, Philippines has giant Christmas Lanterns. And let us not forget the Yule Log videos burning on cable TV. However we celebrate Christmas, may our festivities be merry! Let us remember God became incarnate and once again welcome God’s Spirit into our hearts.


Photo of an agave plant decorated for Christmas with bright red glass ornaments.
Photo and prayer copyright 2018, by Danny N. Schweers

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Bill wrote:
I like the photo of the agave. It looks like one in my neighborhood.

David wrote:
Good reflection.

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