Bubbles, like people, gather in communities. By joining together, bubbles lower their surface tensions. Something like this is true of people. We are not out alone for very long before we yearn for home and community. Marriage, family, village, and church, for all their obligations and disagreements, do not compromise our individuality so much as they give us a greater identity. Challenges and opportunities, pain and joy, are no longer mine and yours to bear and celebrate alone but are ours to experience together. Let us not aspire to be perfect spheres; instead let us joyfully join the foam.


Detail of a photo of bubbles formed as a drain pipe empties into a rivulet in Peak District National Park in England.
Photo and prayer copyright 2018, by Danny N. Schweers

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Lisa wrote:
Subject: Awesome photo!

Kerry wrote:
I LOVE the repetition of circles and lines in this composition!

Roberta wrote:
Love it!

Cecilia wrote:
I am catching up on photo prayers as I delete 1,000 mostly-junk messages. This one is beautiful, with good message for those of us who thrive in foam. Sometimes I don’t thrive, but I live there nonetheless.

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