It helps to sit in a circle, everyone facing inwards so all can see and be seen. Then sometimes it happens. We speak in turn, each voice eager to keep the common thought alive, each one eager to hear. We understand and are understood. We continue to be ourselves even as we become a single organism, us, a new being, a new identity, out of many, one. Then we go our separate ways. Even then, it is not obvious that we are no longer one. If the new being vanishes with our mutual departures, why do we leave smiling, even happy?


Photo of Bird's Nest Fern at Longwood Gardens as its fronds unfurl — possibly Asplenium australasicum.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Marina wrote:
Perfect for today with walkouts and young voices eager to be heard. A beautiful unfurling of spring -- so green!

Roberta wrote:
Nice, very nice!!!

Kerry wrote:
Oh, I love this! Both the image and the words and how well they relate back to each other.

Rosemary wrote:
Such wise words for our troubled times. Such a beautiful image!

Deacon Dottie wrote:
​A beautiful synopsis of what Church community should be. Love the picture.​

Nicole wrote:
Very cute!

Maryann wrote:
DL actually forwarded me this today. It's stunning, which motivated me to subscribe.

Shari wrote:
I'm always amazed at how you find movement in inanimate objects; of course I should be by now after seeing all of your brilliant pictures. I love them!

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