The world wants to be photographed.
The world wants to be seen.
It wants to be known.
A camera is not required.
Just open your eyes.
Is the world shy?
Does it like to play
hide and seek?
Sometimes when least expected,
suddenly it says,
“Here I am.”
Drop everything else
and pay attention
even if, like me,
you are doing
Something Terribly Important.


Photo of a common plastic cup on a shiny table during a slideshow lecture about philosophy and photography.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Rosemary wrote:
Graceful eclipses and meniscus. Very peaceful.

Roberta wrote:
I love it.

Faye wrote:
Hey Danny -- Did I tell you about the person who said, “If you see a glass as half empty -- get a smaller glass and stop your bitching.”

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