In theory, any product of keyboard or lens cannot connect us to the real thing. Even when the real thing is there before us, some argue its essence is impossibly distant from our infinitely fallible senses. Knowledge, they say, is not ours to possess. On the surface, what they say appears to be true. On paper, it makes sense. Superficially, they are correct, but we know better. We do connect. We do understand. We are in the world and the world is in us. We know and we are known. We see beneath the skin and, God help us, we are seen.


Photo of an onion skin.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Katherine wrote:
Amen. Nicely said, Danny.

Harold wrote:
Very nice, Danny!

Ellen wrote:
Best onion skin photo ever!

Tom wrote:
Fabulous photo, Danny, and a good message, too!

Julie wrote:
I think, therefore I am, said Rene Descartes. So we can easily carry that forward to "I think, therefore I know." "Cogito ergo sum," does not stop at the thinking process; it goes straight into the "knowing" of something. I loved this photo, by the way, and think it would make a lovely framed picture to hang up in peoples' kitchens.

Theresa wrote:
I forwarded this image and prayer to a friend. Hopefully, it was okay. I’m sure you will enjoy her response.

Anne wrote:
Once more you've turned the ordinary into something extraordinary! Bless you, Danny.

Craig wrote:
Nice shot. Looks like an ammonite I have.

Nicole wrote:

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