God help those who cannot see ahead,
who only know that winter has come,
who think these long nights
are the new norm.
The sun will soon return.
It is the first day of a new year.
Now is not the time to plant
but it is the time to plan
your gardens and beds.
Have you not seen?
Even as the temperatures drop,
seed catalogs arrive in the mail.
Pre-order now!
Spring is coming!


Photo of frost on a car windshield.
Photo copyright 2015 and text 2017 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Deacon Dottie wrote:
What a great photo and great thoughts. We do tend to always want what we can't have at the moment. Interesting to think that just planning is doing something worthwhile. Peace to you and Happy New Year.

Harold wrote:
Love this, Danny!

Katherine wrote:
Angels in the ice, Danny.

Ellen wrote:
What an elegant shot.

Hugh wrote:

Loretta wrote:
Thanks. I love this. I need some hope right about now that no matter how dark it looks and how little sense it makes, resurrection is inevitable. I always try to figure out what these pictures might be and never can. ๐Ÿ˜Š Happy New Year๐ŸŽ‰

Kerry wrote:
Love this image! Today is the prefect day to send us a photo of ice crystals because it is certainly cold enough out there! BTW, this year is the first year that I planted a winter garden outside in big pots. A variety of conifers and big 3-inch purple and yellow blooms of pansies - they look amazing even after being under the snow a few times so far this winter. So you can plant in the winter! : )

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