We who keep Christ in Christmas
still love the jolly fellow
in the red suit and sleigh
even though he bears little
resemblance to Saint Nicholas,
the third-century bishop who served
in what is now southern Turkey.
Pontius Pilate, too, dressed in red,
splendid garments if we are to believe
costume designers of modern musicals.
We do not love him, not Pilate.
He was a self-serving political weasel,
yet the man he sentenced to death
asked us to forgive our enemies,
those who make us see red,
even to love them. A tall order!
Let us embrace those words if we
are to keep Christ in Christmas.


Photo of Frank Baldo as Pilate and Michael Hazuda as Jesus
in the Delaware Children's Theatre’s 2016 production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”.
Photo copyright 2016 and text 2017 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Rosemary wrote:
! ! ! Excellent.

Tom wrote:
Outstanding message, Danny!

Craig wrote:
Interesting choice of photo for Christmas…

Ron wrote:
A very nice Christmas message! I only wished I had a microphone as these chaps have. It gives the scene a Star Wars feel.

Pat, on Saint Helena Island, SC, wrote:
Merry Christmas, Danny. I always enjoy all of your poems and photos. Thank you for doing this for us. And a Happy New Year too!

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