Troubles below, above, and at my sides.
Don't pity me. Call me Florida.
Under my rocks and stones, there is water underground.
Salt and fresh, my lifeblood, it flows through my limestone bones.
Along my coasts high tides rise ever higher.
Hurricanes wash me clean, but then the sun returns.
It is you, Lord, whom I trust.
Deluge and downpour, I praise your holy name.
You baptize me again and again.
My banks runneth over.
You renew me and I am refreshed.
Is not my state enviable?


Photo of storm clouds moving over tidal marsh, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
Text originally published as Photo Prayer 2016-06.

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Comments from readers

Julie wrote:
Danny, what an interesting meditation this is! Most philosophies tell us this same thing -- that out of adversity we rise stronger than before. How wonderful of you to put Florida in here as the speaker. And to do it so poetically. Thanks for this!

D-L wrote:
Thank you so much. I am sharing this with my college roommate who lives in Tampa.

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