The bamboo would, if it could,
cover all my yard with its roots and shoots,
so I have installed a barrier and
dug up all the spreading rhizomes
tunneling underground on the wrong side.
Unless contained, the bamboo
would choke all other plants.
It believes it is superior to
English Ivy, Japanese Honeysuckle,
Norway Maple, and Chinese Privet.
I won’t have it!
Which makes me wonder —
God, what will you have?


Photo of bamboo rhizomes in a trash can.

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Comments from readers

TCDavis, President, Interfaith Veterans Workgroup, wrote:
​The bamboo looks so elegant in that bowl, and indeed, standing tall in company with others, but as you indicate, it's no respecter of boundaries!​

Janet wrote:
Glad you've dug it up!
We hope on the Lord.

Ellen wrote:
LOVE it!! Wait, I mean HATE it!

Craig wrote:
A little peach balsamic, and you’d be in business.

Jack wrote:
A weed, I have read, is a plant whose virtues are as yet undiscovered. To your list of plants of questionable virtue, please add the Lesser Celandine which IS superior to all those you mentioned and more. Eventually, TV will show the showcase the inevitable "smackdown" between bamboo and Lesser Celandine, after the self destruction of mankind.

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