Like an ancient Greek hero holding aloft Medusa’s severed head, so I raise my trophy, the bamboo’s nexus ripped from the earth after epic struggle. I was content to let it grow but its appetite had no bounds. Out it stretched its rapacious tentacles thirty, forty, fifty feet and more. Hungry and consuming it bore beneath porch and lawn, around the foundation, even as I slept. No longer! I awoke and have conquered! The huge greedy beast, all its arms severed, has been domesticated. Thank you, Lord, for my momentary victory. Have pity on all who have in their care wild things temporarily tamed.


Photo of the author standing in front of the bounded bamboo with his trophy in hand.

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Comments from readers

Tom wrote:
Ha ha, yes, temporarily tamed, exactly! With bamboo, likely very temporarily :)

Kerry wrote:
Bahaha! Love it!

Holly wrote:
We live across from a huge community garden called Spring Garden. It had a perimeter of bamboo that had gone crazy and they decided to remove it. What a project! They had to use a backhoe digger thing. The roots were amazing.

Jim wrote:
Box that up and ship it to me! I love bamboo and I have room to grow a forest. I am sympathetic with your sisyphian struggle though. Keep up the good work! [The author says to get clumping bamboo, not the kind that runs, tunnels, and spreads.]

Cookie wrote:
That makes me sad. Like seeing a trophy hunter holding up a prized animal. However, I know that it is necessary, and can forgive you. I often do the Native American thing when I have to destroy a thriving young shoot. I apologize to it and thank it for its intention to bring its beauty into my world. So go ahead, enjoy your kill. Don't think about me. (Only kidding!)

Larry and Faye wrote:
Hey Danny - You ought to get that thing mounted and hung on your wall like a trophy buck!

Theresa wrote:
Great photo Danny!

Craig wrote:
Kudzu, be afraid ... be very afraid!

Nicole wrote:
Love it! Is that Indiana Jones?! :)

Rhys wrote:
Bamboo never sleeps!

Loretta wrote:
I can't even imagine what that would cost to have someone do what you're doing! Always read bamboo was tough to get rid of.

D-L wrote:
Your photo brought back such memories! I had that same epic struggle when I had my house in Philly. I WON and managed to have the bamboo provide a lovely natural fence and habitat for many birds, but it stayed in its proper place with only a few mini battles over 25 years. Whew.

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