Those madcap boys and girls, with their
slippery slide rules and curved equations,
love finding flaws in their tentative theories.
Nobel Prizes go to those who discover
inexplicable anomalies that question
the accepted scientific paradigm and
to those who create better conjectures.
Let us be as gleeful when experience
proves us wrong. Let us rejoice
in every setback. Our eyes are open.
Our minds are engaged. We are alive.
The universe beckons.


Photo of new grape leaves in Arden, Delaware's community gardens.

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Comments from readers

These comments come from a graphic artist, a certified holistic nurse, a sufi philosopher, two photographers, a brain researcher, a friend who signs herself "Spiritwomon", and a translater of Beowulf who describes herself as someone curious about everything.

Katherine wrote:
Amen, Danny. Even knowing we will never know all the answers, the pursuit of them must continue.

Ellyn wrote:
Danny, I love your writings. So insightful! Yes, let us be gleeful when we discover our errors. Life is a mystery. I recently spent time with the Tibetan Buddhist monks who create their intricate sand mandala, working on its unfolding, and then with a brush stroke dismantle it with joy. They reminded me to let go of all those assumptions I am attached to. Seeking joy in what is. Thanks for sharing your writing and mother nature’s beauty.

Bill Meacham <> wrote:
Nice one this time, both photo and text.

Craig wrote:
Nice symmetry of form, texture, and color harmony. I like it.
“Inexplicable Anomalies” would be a great name for a rock band…..

James wrote:
I concur. You have captured the spirit of scientific inquiry! There are no truths to a scientist, just things that sorta work so far and need improvement! Here is another picture of leaves…

Audrey [a new subscriber] wrote:
These messages are a treasure!

Kathy wrote:
Lovely photo, Danny. I love when I find stuff like this.

Julie wrote:
A bit late with my thanks for this one, but it went right into my heart/mind and lit up a synapse or three. Thanks for sharing!

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