I never wait long to wait.
Soon enough, I am in line, on hold,
at the light, rebooting, or waiting
for my name or number to be called.
Soon enough, I am waiting —
for the right word or inspiration.
While I wait, sometimes I pray —
thanking God, praising God,
or petitioning God.
Then I wait for God’s answer.


Photo taken while waiting for the next train
in the Washington, D.C. Metro subway system, 2016.

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Comments from readers

Rosemary (a printmaker) wrote:
Wonderful, Danny! Thank you.

Tom (a videographer) wrote:
Very interesting optical phenomenon. While staring at the photo, the bright portion in the center circle seemed to shrink. Since the theme was waiting, I thought at first that you had uploaded a .gif which was slowly showing different renditions of the shot. But instead, it seems that this phenomenon is due to my old eyes trying to focus on a region that is fuzzy and transitional. I wonder whether other viewers had the same experience.

Craig (a photographer) wrote:
Really liking your blurs.
Blurs are good, blurs are in …. who knew focusing was optional?
Wish I had back all my old picts!

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