O Lord, make us philosophers
happily embracing our ignorance,
unwilling to conclude anything
about people or issues based
on hearsay or good reporting,
on rumor or our own eye witness.
O Lord, make us decisive,
willing to act to the
best of our knowledge,
not with an assault rifle,
but with open arms,
even though we act in ignorance,
seeing through a glass darkly.


Photo while sitting at the bar at Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D.C.

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Comments from readers

Ron wrote:
The notorious Comet, accused of child trafficking with fake news, and then someone with an assault rifle fired a shot and was arrested. Your shot is much better with the floating balls of light. While you and I were there, we picked up a story from the bartender about using a Brita Water Filter to clean-up cheap vodka, which almost sounds illegal.

Loretta wrote:
I absolutely love this. Such wisdom and grace.

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