Photo of the word “Love” drawn in pencil, photographed, printed, torn, and stitched.

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Comments from readers

Cecilia wrote:
This is a powerful prayer, inspired by a kind of cute conceptual piece of art. That’s not to say I don't like the art. I do. But your prayer has more depth. Going out on the kayak now, grateful for the scars.

Kerry wrote:
Oh, I love this Danny! You could do a whole series of words.

Shari wrote:
Danny, you've done it again. This photo prayer is quite possibly the most powerful one yet. The simplicity of this strong message has my brain struggling and it keeps trying to embellish the minimalistic essence. It's one of those mind urges one resists - don't fool with a thing of beauty; leave it alone, leave it alone....

Tom wrote:
I love the line, "Only the young die unstitched." Well, some might say that's a naive statement, because it's becoming more and more difficult to protect children from hostility. In any case, thanks for calling to our attention that the wounded can indeed become healers.

Craig wrote:
I LOVE the image! Great idea.

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