Photo of a glass of cold water that has warmed
to room temperature. Outside the window, azalea bushes.

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Comments from readers

Barbara wrote:
I really like the way you ended it!

Diann wrote:
Gorgeous photo! and interesting information! I’m with the fish and marine life!

Donna wrote:
This is very cool…. such a simple but powerful image. Yay!

Nicole Hughes wrote:
I like this one! Made me smile. :)

Tom wrote:
Great photo and great lesson!

Craig wrote:
Nice pic, and great little science lesson.
I’m wondering: were there no bubbles to start, and then they just started to appear? How many degrees did the water have to warm up for the bubbles to start to appear? Did the bubbles finally all dissipate? Have you ever thought of being a science teacher?

Danny responded:
No bubbles in there to start with. It was below freezing outside that day so the cold water out of the tap was perhaps in the 40s, warming up to the 60s, perhaps even 70s because we had a fire going in that room. The bubbles did not dissipate but they might have if the water had gotten cold again. The bubbles lasted for days. Sorry, no thoughts of teaching science except the optics I teach my photography students.

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