Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers

Ron (a beekeeper and neighbor) wrote:
Nice photo! It is interesting that the honey bee does not see red. It looks like a black shape to them, so it seems they would not enjoy your picture as much as us humans.

Rosemary (a printmaking artist) wrote:
Your Photo Prayers always arrive in the midst of life's freneticism. They slow me down solemnly. This one carries such import for artists, who deal with color. But color is subject to so many things. You who also deal with physics, remind us of all the unseen phenomena. This prayer is really potent. Thanks so much.

Jim (brain researcher and neighbor) wrote:
X-Ray vision, can't wait!


Some of you who are neighbors might recognize the house across the street from where I live. Think of it as the Red Light District in the Village of Arden, Delaware.

Red looks black to bees? How did they discover that? Who conducts such tests? The Bee Research Institute? Here is a link to one chemistry student’s paper on the subject:

Some of you know that my first bachelor’s degree was in Physics, and that I did three years of graduate study in the Philosophy of Science, so my prayers sometimes have a theoretical and mathematical flavor.

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