Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers

Craig wrote:
If you look really close, you can see William Shatner’s face peering around the bottom of the wing. Scary!! Nevertheless, a nice shot. [Craig is referring to a Twilight Zone episode from 1963.]

Dennis wrote:
This prayer should be stamped on the back of all Saint Christopher metals (the patron saint of travelers). Wonderful image as well. Good seeing you last week. I had a fine time.

Elizabeth wrote:
I really liked this travel photo prayer. "Practice patience:" something I need to remember!

Donna wrote:
Really beautiful, Danny. I especially love the last line. That has been my saving in these last 12 months with my dad. Strangers have helped and that has made all the difference. That really resonated with me. Once again, great job.


My flight from Austin, Texas was delayed on Sunday morning (May 17, 2015) for three hours due to a severe thunderstorm. This photo is from inside my plane just before takeoff. It had rained most of the week my wife and I were in Texas, and it rained pretty much the following week, the floods often being the top story in the national news, especially of Wimberley, Texas and the Blanco River, both of which we visited just a days before the Blanco River crested 44 feet above normal.

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