Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers

Cookie (a poet) wrote:
It reminds me of a Japanese wave painting.
Inspires a poem:

Tsunami in a pan
Incredible catch
Ghostly waves on an iron sea

Judi (a friend of the Episcopal Church in Sudan) wrote:
I see a jumping fish into the air with her mouth open. I like this.

Kerry (a wedding and art photographer) wrote:
Love it! I can only imagine how this shot played out! : ) beauty in everything! This is one I probably would have missed!

Anne (a university chaplain) wrote:
I keep thinking you are at the top of your "game" and then you give us a way to look for God every single minute in ordinary things. Keep wondering...

Craig (a portrait photographer) wrote:
There was a 16th century Italian artist named Arcimboldo, I’m sure you’ve seen his work. It was used on some album cover in the '60s. You remember the ‘60s don’t you? You don’t? At any rate, his gig was to paint figures from the forms of fruit and vegetables. It’s pretty astounding really. This pict reminds me of an eye, of course. So I got thinking: could you make an entire figure out of photos of various bubble forms? I think you should try this. I in turn will complete the vaunted Snack Food series, and we maybe could find some VERY advanced gallery that would give us a joint showing. What do you think? At any rate, great pict!

Dave (an art gallery director) wrote:
I’m consistently inspired by your ability to find God everywhere you look. Thank you for sharing.

Susan (science writer and photographer) wrote:
lovely photo BUT - iron pans are best scrubbed with SALT not SUDS - they need to be seasoned w oil. Salt might make another good photo!

Lloyd (an Episcopal priest) wrote:


Anne, you think I’m still at the “top of my game”? Every week I am sure it is all over, that I have nothing new to say and, even if I did, no good way of saying it. Thanks for the encouragement.

Craig, I do remember Alcimbold’s art on an album or book cover. As I remember, your “Snack Food” series of photographs has yet to get started because you are unable to resist eating the snacks before you photograph them.

Dave, I do not find great photos everywhere, but I know there is no telling where I will find them, so I look even in the mundane places.

Susan, my frying pan is 30-years-old and well seasoned — my favorite cooking tool! I imagine scrubbing with salt has all kinds of photographic possibilities. I’ll try it! Have you seen my dried road-salt photos?

Cookie, yes, the image reminded me of the ocean waves found in Japanese wood block prints from the 19th Century. Thanks for the poem! Nice!

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